VENICE AGENDAS   6th - 8th May 2015

Strangelove is an innovative new Time Based Media Festival planned for March 2015 a collaboration between artprojx and workinprogress. The first edition will be hosted by by Central Saint Martins.

Occupying spaces across the campus and its immediate locale, Strangelove will engage visitors in workshops, symposia and talks, screenings, installations, pop-ups and ‘in progress’ events creating opportunities for new collaborations and cross-disciplinary dialogues and provoking dynamic and unlikely juxtapositions.

Alongside screening work by new and emerging artists and designers, Strangelove will also feature prominent international artists, designers, directors, screen-writers and performers and looks set to be a refreshing and challenging new approach to Moving Image Festivals.

The title for this year’s Venice Agendas (VA15) is Crossing Boundaries. This is intentionally an open brief to allow us to consider the many ways in which not only art trespasses over geographical territories but also how it transgresses and crosses cultural and artistic boundaries. 

The focus and content of each talk will be developed through a series of conversations with our partners through a collaborative process over the coming months to make sure that we have a wide range of voices from speakers from all a round the world. however each event will express one small aspect of many that is covered by the term.  Areas being explored range from how art crosses language, cultural and historical barriers.

STRANGELOVE   16th - 21 March 2015